E85 flex fuel (Conversion E85) option for all car offering to convert your gasoline vehicle all car from 2000 year  to ethanol (E85 flex fuel conversion) 

Advantages of using E85 conversion  is:

- Roll with all types of species (lead-free and E85),
- lower prices for fuel 
- Reduce CO2 emissions by 66% compared to gasoline fuel
- Reduce fine particle emissions by 85-88% and Nitrogen Oxide by 25-28% compared to gasoline fuel.
- Client can continue to drive SP98, SP95 
- We are offering you the best modifications in all web service chiptuning-file

When you ordering E85 Flex solutions you will have:

– Best quality for your E85 conversion from chiptuning-file
– Flex Fuel solutions developed and controlled by our engineer 
     (lambda, cold/hot start problems, LTFT, STFT)

chiptuning-file do E85 modifications for most cars all market. so if you not found in list any ECU with this option, please contact us and we will add in list your model.

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